The Yellow Fashion Fever

Yellow Fashion Fever

The Yellow Fashion Fever

There is always a colour that fashionably sparks emotions in us. Well, my 2018 has been surrounded by the “Yellow Fashion Fever”. Several of my posts have had this yellow being featured, including my graduation outfit.

yellow fashion fever

yellow fashion fever

The immense love of yellow, started when I went to buy a black long skirt at my favourite shopping spot. The shop attendant looked at me and said, ”this yellow skirt ( would look amazing on you”. There and then, my love for yellow began. I have not gone to the shop and failed to get a yellow outfit. My buddy Natasha says ‘we leaving yellow in 2018’, but I doubt if this love will come to an end.

yellow fashion fever

I must say that these two jumpsuits have been the epitome of my love for the “Yellow Fashion Fever”. They both had an outstanding feel when I tried them on. It was like I had found the colour that symbolises happiness, resilience, passion, elegance and love all at once.

The fact that they were different made me overlook the question of “why am I buying the same colour of clothes?” Each jumpsuit had its own personally touch to my closet.

yellow fashion fever

The short yellow jumpsuit stood out because of the belt, the one sided off-shoulder style and of course the buttons on the one arm. The fact that it would allow me to wear it with any colour of shoes was an absolute bonus.

The long jumpsuit was a complete stunner. My best friend saw it and all she thought of was, ‘birthday outfit’. Took a lot of discipline for me not to rock it to any events I had to attend before my birthday. The open back, the long strands that allows one to tie the jumpsuit in different ways, and the ‘flying’ style of the pants at the bottom were breath taking.

Yellow Fashion Fever

The best part about these outfits is that they both cost me less than R400 in total. My sister would say ” Slaying on a budget” . I would say  ” Slaying on a budget and with best emotions attached to what you wear“.

Yellow Fashion Fever

            jumpsuit details

Jumpsuits @Marabastad

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