Fashionably Boy-X-Girl: Jeans

FAshionable Jeans

Fashionably Boy-X-Girl: Jeans

Can things go fashionably wrong? Absolutely yes. But the jeans touch can make it go fashionably right. This brings me to my newest fashion term; The jeans power. Both Max and I believe that torn jeans are a great addition to your wardrobe, because your  fashion narrative changes and your style takes different dimension altogether.

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  • Location for photoshoot

Planning a shoot takes a lot of administration because you have to:  Find a photographer; Wake up on time; Get a hairstyle; and Get a shoot location; All these FAILED for two weeks. Basically, all went fashionably wrong, however, things eventually took a fashionably right turn. Flexibility in all you do matters and absolutely translates to your fashion sense, and most especially if it is an outfit that lets you be flexible like jeans.

Top –  Mr Price; Sunglasses – souvenir from Canada

  • Boyish jean top

I have developed a love for boyish fashion items that I can rock comfortably. So, I decided to rock my nephew’s jean top, and oh boy am I not glad I took this jean top that was lying in his suitcase. Additionally, Max’s jacket given the right colour of jean shorts or pants would be an amazing look if rocked by a girl. Bottom line is, we can rock that boy jean just by putting it together with the correct jean touch.

  • Torn Jeans

Max’s point of view : Torn jeans have always been an fashion area where I did not feel comfortable. I’ve always seen myself as the the guy who keeps everything “clean” but I have discovered that there is an art in the design and cut of torn jeans that still give you a clean look with an element of Kanye.  I buy my jeans and then play with the scissors to scalp my own design of “chaos”.

A girl can absolutely mash up a guy’s jeans, and the guy can end up complimenting the girl, like Max ( did.

  • The Jean Skirt & Shirt
A jean skirt and jean top is  an absolute new fashion venture for me. Buying this skirt was a tick on the fashion bucket list and little did I know that it would be a favourite of many. Guess we all have that one closet item we buy but don’t realise its importance. Max’s jean outfit was an absolute compliment to this outfit. A fashion tip for you and your boyfriend when going on a date; get your man to match up to your taste.
The jean top that can be worn in more than one way. My 2019 fashion is aiming at helping us see just how creative we can be our fashion sense. Because of this, I did a video to show you how I achieved this two stylish looks for my jean shirt:

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