Explore Fashion Colourfully

Explore Fashion Colourfully

It’s clear that Colour is of significance in the fashion industry and is now my everyday fashion language. In my 5 months of blogging, this journey has exposed the hidden love I have for colours. Colourfully exploring my fashion has been a delight.

The question remains, just how much colour is enough colour? Normally I keep to a maximum of three colours in my attires, but I believe the trend has been officially changed.

Fashion demands a tactful approach to clothes with colour. The most important thing is to ensure that the coordination in your style is on 100%.


By now it is more than evident I am the biggest fan of blue. This blue-pink coat is a gem simply because you can wear it with any attire and however you wish. A skirt, a short dress, a pair of shorts and pants would all look stunning with this coat. Well, being that summer is here; why not rock it with a pair of shorts and some colourful heels in your closet.

Dress  https://www.instagram.com/mzzhaja/ ;Shorts- Legit ;Shoes – Mr. Price, Hatfield ;Earrings- Lerato, Arcadia Pretoria ;Rings – Lovisa.

The make-up

My make-up artist always says that I’m risk-evasive when it comes to make-up choices. The amount of “fights” that take place during my make-up session with her are immense. She likes to explore with colours, and after this shoot, I am giving her full power to explore on my face colourfully. The green-blue make up worked with my skin and these attires that I’m now letting go of my fear of colourful make up.

Make up-https://www.instagram.com/mzzhaja/

Sparkle on the Black

Black would be dull without a sparkling colour to make a black outfit stand out. What best to explore with than red? The red loop hearings bring out an outstanding style to this simple outfit. The red African-print bag is a colourful addition that ensures the green African-print duke breaks the red monotony in an amazing style.

Bag – Kigali, Rwanda

Being Extra on Colour

I must admit that I was doubtful of this outfit when I wore it. I thought to myself; wow this is a lot of colour. However, to my surprise the outfit came across as my favourite. The duke, the purse, the earrings and the shoes all speak differently to this sassy coat, while ensuring an existing unison in this colourful language.

Dress  https://www.instagram.com/mzzhaja/ ; Shoes – Mr. Price, Hatfield ; Earrings- Lerato, Arcadia-Pretoria ;Rings – Lovisa.

I hope this post just answers the question of just how much colour is too much colour. Don’t be afraid to explore your colourful language in fashion.

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📸: https://www.instagram.com/father_africa_/

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