Black Friday Trick: Cheap and Sales

Black Friday Trick: Cheap and Sales

October is when all the excitement related to the BLACK FRIDAY begins, and on that fateful Friday in November we all lose it. This year I decided to do it differently and not wait for black Friday, because I knew the queues would be unbearable; I instead started my Black Friday fashion purchases at cheap prices in September and ended it a day before the actual date. The biggest trick I employed this year was  Sales, Sales, Sales, which kept my closet happy, but my bank account the happiest.

  • The Grey skirt that makes me smile

The multi purpose bodysuit I got for R80 is an absolute win. I wore it with this grey skirt that I was stunned to buy at R20 from LEGIT around May this year, a whole 6 months before Black Friday. The bodysuit looked pretty good with this pair of shorts I got for just R60 the day before black Friday.

Bodysuit – Mr Price; Skirt – Legit; Shoes – Aldo

  • Sales from Mr.Price

Dress and bag both cost me R50 and R80 respectively, resulting in an outstanding outfit that makes you look absolutely stunning for a throw away price. Looking for stuff in the sales section definitely is rewarding, buying stuff at cheap stores is also very rewarding because your closet stays happy while your pocket is the happiest.

Dress – Mr Price; Bag – Marabastad; Shoes – Aldo

This is by far my favorite 2018 combo, and not just because the outfit looks good, but mainly because it cost me just under R200; absolute proof that happiness exists in fashion when you can hack the black Friday trick. This is an attire you can comfortably wear to a party and semi-formal event.

Top & Pants & Shoes- Mr Price; Earrings – Legit; Bag- Marabastad

The black Friday tricks hacked my 2018 fashion budget and I ended up with this epic outfit that would otherwise seem expensive.  A whole outfit just worth R160. You don’t need to slay expensively if you can hack the system. This amazing blazer was bought by my sister in Kenya at Ksh300, an equivalent of R30, skirt was worth R50.

Bodysuit & skirt – Mr Price; Coat – Ngara, Kenya; Shoes – Aldo

  • Sales from the new shop in Hatfield Plaza

Another hack to the fashion budgeting was this amazing dress coat that I literally got for R60. I must admit that this is the item that shocked me when I found myself in Creative Shop a day before Black Friday. I had walked into shops uncountable times hoping to get such a coat. I must admit I was ready to spend money on it, but black Friday tricks came in handy, legit gave me what I longed for at a throw away price.

Shoes – Mr Price; Coat – Creative Shop, Hatfield Plaza

This afternoon or night-out or  girls-meet outfit, from Creative Shop forms part of my 2018 Black Friday tricks. Shorts cost R50 and body suit from Mr Price cost R80. I basically, tricked my closet to have an amazing outfit that I could use for several events for just R130. Sincerely, anyone can look good and all it takes is knowing the tricks on how to slay on a budget.

Bodysuit & shorts – Mr Price;  Shoes – Aldo

I legit ensure that items in my closet range from R50- R170 without compromising on quality. My all year black Friday tricks got me this dress for just R100; a dress that would serve as an amazing smart casual, dinner or even a cocktail party dress.

Dress- Creative Shop, Hatfield Plaza;  Shoes – Mr Price
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