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Coffee Date Fashion

Coffee Date Fashion

The best moments are the random ones, so they say. Well, the best random moments are definitely Random Coffee Dates that lead to a random photoshoot and having of tea instead of coffee . The most interesting part of a random date is its accompanying fashion. You can make a flawless outfit once you get your mind around it. I call it the Coffee Date Fashion, and Royal Danish in Pretoria was the best location for it.

Coffee Date

  • My Ice-cream Cup

I absolutely loved dressing up for this coffee date such that I deserved ice cream for it. Well, that had to come first because I am a sucker for ice-cream. My cup was full of a scoop of caramelized mint chocolate ice cream with some peanuts in it, certainly one of the best choices from facebook.com/royaldanishicecream.  The result of this was a serious smile for the rest of the day. This smile was more than needed because it served as a distraction from grief following the demise of my auntie.

  • The Outfit

I spent very valuable time with my roommate,  coming up with this outfit. We first settled on a white sexy top, but it didn’t cut it. We then settled on this red crop top all the way from America (in my excited voice), courtesy of a dear friend, Natasha https://www.instagram.com/tembiecollections/. The excitement of a trendy outfit being achieved was enough to make me happy.

Let’s talk about the CAP, dear Lord was I not scared? Initially, it seemed like it was out of my style zone, but then again it was love love love all the way as soon as it got on my head. The message on the CAP was the one message I needed. LOVE. The CAP complimented my brown braids in such a flawless way. What jewellery do you wear with a cap? This was an easy one, of course, LOOPS, and more so silver loops for a silver decorated cap.

  • Fashion Simplicity

These high-waist, ragged jeans were the other highlight of the coffee date fashion. The final touches were these white sneakers and red handbag and the jeans had to be accessorized by a simple black belt from Mr.Price. So it would be safe to say that the final touch was most definitely a simplified make-up look with RED LIPS. The final result was an ultimate and automatic simplicity in fashion.

I hope you have enjoyed my sentiments on this outfit and I hope you get a valuable random coffee date when things don’t seem to be going well. If so, Please share your sentiments with me on this post. Until next time just the simple rules of fashion styling:

Rules of Limitless Fashionable & Raid-able Closet:

~> 100% Affordable

~>On-Sale Buying




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