My Type of Flawless

My Type of Flawless

My Type of Flawless

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Ladies we all know that the most important part of our fashion is our FACE. It is the first thing we check when we look in the mirror after dressing up and immediately before we step out of the house. The most important self-love and care we can show ourselves is ensuring our faces look as flawless and stunning as possible.

I have always battled with pimples that leave spots on my face. This happens just before my menstrual periods, I call it ‘the red sign’. Early in July I had the worst break out ever, I was uncomfortable in my skin and had to put on make-up to hide the blemishes. I had my hair all up in my face just to cover my cheeks which were the most affected.

I have tried using home-made products, and these seem to work for a while then I am back to the struggle; sometimes the situation gets worse. I started using Pond’s New Flawless Radiance Derma + just three weeks ago and the change has been impressively dramatic.

My Routine

Morning & Evening Treat

Micellar water: I use Dove cotton pads as they are soft on my skin. This ensures that sweat from the previous night is completely removed from my face. In the evening, whether I had make up or not, I use this product to remove the accumulated dirt on my face. I then wash my face with Protex Deep Clean soap, which I have realized works for me.

Perfecting Serum: I add just a bit of this product onto my face. Day/Night Cream: Finally, I use either the day or night cream depending on the time of the day.


Micellar water: Cleanses the skin and removes make-up and is suitable for face, eyes and lips. This product has made it is so easy for me to remove my lipstick when I get home.

Perfecting Serum: Targets multiple skin damage. I can attest to this as I have seen positive results on my face in just 3 weeks.

Day Cream: I am currently using the Mattifying Day Cream SPF 15 which is good for normal to oily skin.  My face remains normal all day long despite the fact that I have an oily face, especially my nose area.

Night Cream: I have not looked forward to the night as I have since I started using this product. My skin feels absolutely gentle and nourished after using this product. It has really proven to have the deep skin overnight repair effect on my face.

I strongly believe in sharing products that work for me, not just for the sake of marketing but because I believe in it. This is why I have shared my experience with you in these make-up free pictures. (Check out my progress in the next post).

I advise you track your progress should you wish to use these products. The price is affordable and they last long. For more reviews on this product check:

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