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As ladies, we are normally concerned about the issue of having the same attire as a friend or anyone in the same event as us. Friend, what are you wearing to the party? I tend to panic when the answer she gives implies that we will be wearing the same clothes. Nattie, a friend and blog follower, said that wearing planned attires should never be the case.

I recommend that you find a SIMILAR dress not the SAME dress. The  other solution would be to choose something different. Alternatively, accessorize similarly so you have the same dress but a totally different look.

The Stripped outfit

I had never thought of wearing a similar attire with my best friend, but upon her birthday request I decided to do this. Despite wearing the same dress, we accessorized differently: wore different colour of shoes and dress (black and blue). Although the concept is the same, one can spot a difference.

You can both wear long chains, silver and gold chains with different details in order to create a difference. The clutches you carry can be different types and colours. If you both love rings and earrings then make them stand out but in a different way.

The trick is to match up your attires in the best way you can so that the difference is evident. Let people pay attention to the difference rather than the similar aspects of your attires.

Dress- Marabastad; Shoes – Legit; Earrings – Lovisa; Rings and Chain – H&M; Clutch bag – Marabastad

Dress- Marabastad; Shoes – Dar-es-Salaam,Tanzania; Earrings & chain – Legit; Ring – H&M; Clutch bag – Pretoria Central.

The African pants

Having the same interest in clothes with a friend can be the best thing. When you both love an African touch to your outfits, getting ideas for designs seems easier. You can also ‘steal’ each others clothes.

Top- Marabastad; Shoes – Mr Price; Pants – Dar-es-Salaam,Tanzania; Earrings – Accra,Ghana; Ring & Chain – H&M.

Top & Shoes – Mr Price; Pants – Dar-es-Salaam,Tanzania; Ring – H&M.

Sometimes the need to add an extra style to our outfits arises. Apart from the design of the pants, you can combine two different prints for that extra style.The material that you pick must have a print coordination that stands out. The prints must have colour coordination.

Despite this dilemma of similar or same attires, just remember:

Rules of Limitless Fashionable & Raid-able Closet:

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